Get involved with a connect groups and the value in them?

The essence of real church life takes place when we can build lasting, Jesus-centered relationships with each other. This happens best by getting involved with a small group settings we call Connect Groups. With Sunday services focused on celebrating God and what He’s done among us during the week, Connect Groups become the best place to draw near to God, worship Him more intimately and learn of Him through His Word and His ways. It’s a safe place to build friendships, grow spiritually, pray together and practice using the gifts God has given to each of us!

Five Cities Vineyard Church’s mission is to help every person get into right relationship with God, get filled with the Holy Spirit and get equipped to fulfill His plan and purpose for their life. We know that when you are saved, you’re in right relationship with God. Being filled with the Holy Spirit empowers you to live your new life not only as a child of God but as a witness of Jesus Christ. Equipping you to fulfill His plan & purpose for you is merely helping you discover the special gifts & abilities God has given you! As a Connect Group member, you accelerate this process in a personal, relational setting just like the one Jesus used with His first disciples and it’s what we are all called by God to do.

Five Cities Vineyard Church believes that our Connect Groups are the heart of our church. We want Five Cities Vineyard Church to be known as a church of connect groups. We know that God’s people can reach their full potential in Christ when they form solid relationships based upon interdependence with God and His people desiring spiritual intimacy, mutual accountability and a loving commitment to each other. We encourage you to visit several of our Connect Groups and choose one that’s right for you.