Residing in every human heart is the desire to worship, and the Bible calls us to a life centered on worshiping God. Cultivating such a lifestyle is rooted in intimacy with God, knowing and experiencing Him in prayer, devotional time in His Word and enjoying Him with your own personal expressions of worship and praise.

As we’re drawn further into the Father’s heart, we also come to realize how awesome and majestic, wonderful and powerful, mighty, holy and sovereign He truly is! Our hearts tremble in reverence while still longing to draw as near to God as possible. The pursuit of His Presence and our growing desire to walk in His ways releases His anointing upon us and the gifts we carry in His service.

We at Five Cities Vineyard Church believe when we all pursue God as presence driven sons and daughters, yearning to encounter Him throughout the week, that when we gather together corporately, we will experience “inspirational, transformational worship in the freedom of the Holy Spirit.” This is one of our primary core values. Join us and lift up your voice trusting the Holy Spirit to lead us into the presence of God as we worship Him together.