Welcome to the Vineyard!

I’m sure that many of us are reading up on the latest updates and changes in terms of the Corona Virus and it’s impact globally. Strategies, recommendations, adjustments and revisions are developing hourly in order to stem the spread of this disease. So is the deluge of breaking news that is being disseminated. It’s wise to stay accurately informed.

It’s also wise for us to do our part in helping keep everyone healthy and safe. Especially those who are most vulnerable and susceptible to this current outbreak of infection. Our heart is to be helpful and not a hindrance to overall local and federal governmental recommendations. Again, wisdom is key.

What does this mean for us as a community of faith? Moving forward, we will not be meeting as usual on Sunday mornings until further notice. However, although we won’t be physically gathering, we’ll still be able to connect as a community in corporate worship through online streaming on YouTube and Facebook. This is a short term and possibly longer term innovative and creative way to connect, participate and stay in touch with our church family. 

What do we do with small groups that meet during the week in homes or in our church facility? We are encouraging all of our small groups to meet via Zoom. We value our small groups and see them as a vital part of our church body.  

Again, this is a great opportunity for us to walk in wisdom, simultaneously rejecting the spirit of fear. Also, a wonderful time to remain prayerful, watchful and in peace, not panic. I encourage you all to be quick to pray! Many, more than ever, will be open and desperate for answers. Let’s  continue to collectively point them in the right direction. To Jesus, THE ANSWER to all of life, hope, comfort and healing!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of our pastors or you can leave a message on Facebook or Instagram. Until further notice be wise and safe!

Peace be with you,
Pastor Jose Rivera